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Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**


Dollar Store Aroma and Fragrance S63

Scented oils are very popular and in high demand. Just put a few drops of your favorite scent into the oil warmer and you are guaranteed to scent over 1000 feet in just a couple of minutes.
Our Scents will eliminate cooking, pet, cigarette and other odors while amortizing your ambiance allowing you to indulge your sense.
Our scents are obtained from the best essential souses which nature offers.

All our brands come for the options of Power Wing or EASEL.

1) Natura Aromas Oils:
This line is a very popular brand, it has been tailored to the discount stores with more than 3000 points of sale nationwide. If you have a discount store this line is a must. (2 OZ & 0.5 OZ)

2) Sonec Oils:
Sonec Scented oils line was developed for the up scale discount stores with a catchy look, very colorful.

Sonec scents are divided into 6 families or categories and they are the following
a) Perfumes ( Baby Powder, Chanel # 5, Cool Water, Eternity, Obsession, Tommy Hilfigure)
b) Fruits ( Cherry Almond, Coco Mango, Cucumber Melon, Strawberry, Strawberry Melon, Watermelon)
c) Trees & Roots ( Ancient Sandalwood, Arabian Patchouli, Cinnamon Stick, Eucalyptus Blossom, Frankincense, Vanilla)
d) Mystical ( Angel Breath, Black Opium, Egyptian Musk, Fairy Dreams, Innocence, Midnight Lover)
e) Flowers ( Hawaiian Plumeria, Italian Jasmine, Lavender Fields, Nag Champa, Red Rose, White Gardenia)
f) Nature ( China Rain, English Garden, Indian Moon, Sea Breeze, Summer Love, Tropical Rainforest)

Scented oils work best if used with Sonec products

3) Scents of Life Scented Oils

This line was created for the mass merchant pharmacies retailer. Currently supplying Walgreens, Navarro and Longs just to name a few.

Currently we are manufacturing the best quality oils for this market at an affordable price.

4 Scents of Life Incense

Our incense are the best in the market, we manufacture in USA and take pride in our 48 hr. dipping process.

5 Botanical Scents of Nature

These oils are the highest concentration available. These scents were created to tailor the high end gift stores.

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Clients comments:

I am taking the time to write you this letter because I would like to Thank You and your team for letting me bring your products into my store.  I was very surprised when I quickly started selling your products and how they basically started selling their self right off my shelves.  After opening almost 3 weeks ago I just placed my second big order with your company.  When Michael at the Buck store recommended my budget with you in my opening order I was a bit surprised on how much he wanted me to spend but now I truly understand why!  I now have the whole town hooked on these oils.  They come back in after buying one and now buy 5-10 at a time, and visit 2-3 times weekly.  Thanks so much for helping me get opened with your products and with my re-order.  Thanks again for everything Mariano!

Michelle Xxxxxxx

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Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**

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52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,158 products on our website for your Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Store, Ten and Below, Dollar
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