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Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**


Dollar Store Silk Flowers & Gift Bags F30

Silk Flowers and Gift Bags
More and more women are turning to the dollar store for their Floral, Seasonal and Decoration needs. In this section we feature wholesale Artificial Flowers, silk flowers and some more high end gift bags. There is a huge silk / decorational flowers section that changes regularly according to the season i.e. Atumn, Spring, etc and includes also beautiful floral stands and displays for your dollar or discount store (ships nationwide). Seasonal lines include Christmas decorations / flowers, Valentines Day, and Easter decorations too.

Silk Flowers in a Dollar Store are sold at a huge discount when compared to the USA National Chains such as Michael’s or Big Lots. In a Dollar Store you can find upscale silk flowers which cover just about every season including Valentine, Easter, Mom and Dad, Graduation, Christmas, and silk flowers come packed as Floral Bushes, Floral Pots, and Long Stems. Dollar Store Silk Flowers are very popular in stores that are larger than 5,000 square feet as they occupy a good portion of the store to be properly displayed at all times and by Season of the year so customers can appreciate the full line of the Floral collection. Silk Flowers and plastic flowers come with very attractive displays and pots as well as gondola holes where flowers can be inserted to have a look of a flower shop.

We offer a wide variety of quality silk flowers, plants, and trees. Their look and cheap maintenance make them a preferable decoration for households and Dollar Store shoppers.

All of our collection in flowers, plants and trees, are very well packaged, and arrive ready to display at your dollar or discount store as soon as you receive the order.


Floral Department Gift Bags Halloween Merry Christmas Thanksgiving Order Form F30





Home Own a Store Search Page China Import Export Stores News **SPECIALS**

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52 Product Categories with 452 Sub Categories with 76,158 products on our website for your Dollar Stores, Dollar Plus Store, Ten and Below, Dollar
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