Aroma And Fragrance

The market for home-aroma-and-fragrance products has exploded in the first part of the 21st century. In fact, this industry reached $8.3 billion in sales in 2004. This has translated into increased profits for many dollar stores, especially those that cater to women in their mid 20s and 30s--the group most likely to purchase scented products for their homes.

Dollar stores can carry a wide range of aroma-and-fragrance products, including perfumes, glass or ceramic aroma lamps, incense burners and essential oils. These stores purchase these items at extremely low wholesale prices and offer them for $1 or even less.

A Wide Variety of Aroma-and-Fragrance Products and the Customers Who Buy Them

Aroma lamps, often made from glass, soapstone, ceramic, or pewter, are usually decorative as well as functional. These lamps feature shallow depressions in which users can place essential oils or a mixture of potpourri and water. Then, the user lights a small tea candle to place under the fragrance product. The heat from the candle amplifies and diffuses the scent around the room.

Wholesale fragrance products and perfumes are especially attractive to college students, retirees, and other people on fixed or limited incomes. They also make thoughtful hostess gifts or door prizes. Another likely target market includes those who supply hotels or coordinate events and wish to buy these products in bulk. Dollar Store Merchandise offers a vast array of scented products, including candles, incense and more. Stores that are interested in stocking these items can contact 1-877-549-5210 or