Back To School

The typical shopping list for back-to-school items reads something like this: spiral notebooks, markers, pens, number-2 pencils, three-ring binders, glue sticks, a calculator, a ruler, a compass, boxes of tissue paper, etc. At an office-supply retailer or even a big-box or club store, the cost for this gear could quickly add up. However, a parent could pick up all of these items at a dollar store for less than $20.

Parents are further strapped for cash these days because of reduced funding for education. Now, in addition to being expected to pay for their children's items, many parents are pressed to buy extra back-to-school supplies to add to a community pool for all of the students. This makes finding a reliable source for discount gear a top priority.

Stock a Dollar Store with the Following Back-to-School Items

A smart dollar store would stock its shelves with the following products come August or September:

  • Art supplies: budding scholars are always thrilled to receive markers, watercolor paints, and a variety of papers. Other items like construction paper in a variety of colors, stickers, and crayons are also popular.
  • Binders and spiral notebooks: oftentimes, junior high and high school students are expected to have a binder for each class. Spiral notebooks are suitable for everyone from kindergarten to college.
  • Coloring and activity books: these items are excellent to have on hand year round, as parents need to keep kids occupied during long car trips.

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