Finding a reliable distributor of wholesale bath supplies is an essential step for any dollar-store owner or manager to take to ensure that the retail outlet achieves and sustains a high sales volume over the long term. These products are extremely popular with dollar-store shoppers and encompass a wide range of products, all of which should get close consideration as potential inclusions in a discount retailer's inventory. It's been shown that a broader and more varied choice of products leads to increased sales totals.

Wholesale Bath Supplies Generate Sustained Business

Wholesale bath supplies includes a wide range of goods, from soaps, shampoos, body lotions and grooming products to bathroom cleansers, soap dispensers, towels and bathroom tissue. Astute discount retailers also recognize the possibilities presented by the fact that the majority of dollar-store customers are female and add feminine-oriented products like scented candles and luxurious aromas and fragrances to displays of wholesale bath supplies. Including these supplementary accessories is an excellent way to encourage unplanned and impulse purchases, which are especially likely in a dollar-store environment because the unit prices of most products are so low to begin with. Thus, the most successful retailers make concerted efforts to maximize unplanned purchases by offering the widest possible selection of wholesale bath items in addition to other dollar-store stand-bys like consumables and gift items.

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