Cell Accessories

In the U.S. alone, approximately 203 million people use cellular phones (up from 34 million just 10 years ago), making inexpensive accessories hot items. This is especially true considering that the average cell user will talk for 13 hours per month. This heavy use can result in increased wear and tear on the unit itself and accessories like chargers and headsets.

Arguably, the most important cell accessory is the charger. While cell battery time is increasing, those who spend a lot of time chatting will find they have to charge them more frequently. However, cell chargers are notorious for breaking or getting lost. People also often forget this crucial item when they leave on vacation. Instead of spending a lot of money on brand-name chargers, these people can stop by dollar stores and pick up inexpensive versions to use.

Cell Accessories: The Three Main Types of Chargers

Most cellular units come with simple AC chargers that plug into an ordinary electrical outlet. These chargers are convenient to use at home or at the office. While there is no one-size-fits-all AC charger, there are some off-label versions that are compatible with common cell units.

People who are always on the go--or who frequently forget to charge their phones while at home--can benefit from car chargers. These cell accessories charge the battery via the car's cigarette lighter.

Another popular type of accessory is the emergency charger. This charger uses AAA batteries to charge a cell phone when there is no electricity available. Emergency chargers can be especially valuable during a blackout or other catastrophe.

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