Wholesale crafts supplies are available from bulk distributors, allowing dollar-store operators to make them part of a complete selection of stationery products. Arts-and-crafts supplies can be tricky propositions for consumers since the cost of purchasing an assortment of merchandise from a full-price retailer can very quickly add up to a bundle. Dollar stores, on the other hand, buy their inventory from wholesalers, and are able to keep retail prices significantly lower than other stores for several reasons. First, buying in bulk facilitates markups that still land well below competitors' prices. Second, dollar stores slash the frills, running simple, efficient operations that save consumers money.

Keeping a wide and varied selection of arts-and-crafts supplies on the shelves generates sales. Children and students need poster board, markers, chalk, colored pencils, specialty stationery, paint, fabrics and construction paper throughout the year. Veteran retailers know that there's no better way to entice a customer into buying more than he or she planned to than by displaying more products than he or she came in to find.

Cash in on Wholesale Crafts Supplies

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