Decorative Linens

No one needs decorative linens, but many people want them to add personality, beauty and style to their homes. These home-decor items are available in damask, lace, and jacquard and include pieces for the dining room like runners and placemats and bathroom linens like guest towels.

Decorative Linens Can Brighten Every Room in the House

Damask is a decorative textile that features patterns, usually of the floral variety, woven right into the fabric. These linens can be made out of natural materials like silk, wool, or cotton, or synthetics, such as polyester and rayon. Damask is a popular choice for formal dining rooms because of the luster and rich feel of the fabric. These decorative linens are available in both classic colors like burgundy and gold and trendy shades like robin's egg blue or lime green.

Lace doilies are often found in parlors or living rooms. These fragile decorative linens are often crocheted or knitted by hand and are usually white or cream, although those with contrasting colors are also popular. These decorative linens can be laid on top of polished-wood furniture to protect it from scratches from pictures and knick-knacks.

Decorative linens for the bathroom can include everything from embroidered guest towels to holiday-themed washcloths and window treatments in elegant solid colors or dynamic patterns.

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