Dollar Store Items

Dollar-store items are not necessarily of low quality, even if they can be had on the cheap. In general, these items are wholesale products that are sold in bulk to retailers. Since they are amassed in such high volumes, the per-piece cost is extremely low, and this value is then passed on to the customers.

Many of these retailers choose their items based on location. For example, stores in college towns may choose to stock goods like school supplies, including calculators, art supplies, paper, pens and pencils, and more. These are generally not name-brand products that the average consumer would recognize, which is why they are so inexpensive. Off-brand items do not have massive (and expensive) ad campaigns and marketing plans behind them to increase their overall costs.

Purchasing Dollar Store Items in Bulk Can Increase Profits

Another hallmark of these goods is that they must be bought in bulk. Instead of purchasing 50 DVDs to stock its shelves, a dollar store may have to purchase a couple hundred DVDs at once to realize a profit. Many suppliers make this an attractive offer by creating themed packages, such as children's DVDs, family films, cartoons, and more. Some suppliers even include display packaging to make showcasing these goods easy for the retailer.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers wholesale products to retailers. In addition to goods, the company offers point-of-sale systems and equipment to provide a complete service. The company can be contacted at 1-877-549-5210 or Those wanting more information about owning their own businesses can visit BuckStore, Inc.