Dollar Store Merchandise

Dollar-store merchandise can include almost every category under the sun, including home-décor items, office supplies, toys, food and novelties. While these goods may be similar to those found at big-box retailers, the difference is that this type of merchandise, as the very name implies, sells for a buck or less.

Many people choose to shop at these retailers for items that will be used and then discarded, such as party supplies. Someone shopping for a New Year's Eve party can easily find goods such as Mylar balloons, paper plates and cups, decorations, party hats and more for far less at a dollar store than at a mass merchandiser. According to ACNielsen, in 2002, the average transaction at a dollar outlet was $9; the average amount spent at a mass merchandiser was $39.

Dollar-Store Merchandise Remains Popular during Economic Downturns

These consumers are not limited to those with low incomes--about one-third of Americans visit these discount outlets on a monthly basis, according to Retail Forward. These retailers are especially popular during recessions, which can make this type of shop a stable investment. In fact, the projected growth for dollar stores through 2008 is more than six percent.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers 30 categories of wholesale items on its website. This online supplier equips dollar stores across the nation and overseas with tens of thousands of quality products, including kitchenware, licensed products and greeting cards. Individuals can contact the company directly at or 1-877-549-5210. In addition, this supplier is a division of BuckStore, Inc., which can help individuals build and stock their own stores with wholesale discount products.