Dollar Store Phone Accessories

Dollar stores are more popular than ever, with approximately 36 percent of Americans frequenting them at least once per month and purchasing items like phone accessories, food, and clothing. However, keeping an array of quality cell items like discount chargers and headsets in stock is just the beginning for many dollar stores.

Shoppers Love Useful and Attractive Dollar-Store Phone Accessories

Users who are concerned about keeping their cellular devices scratch free will often invest in holders. These "slipcovers" for mobile phones are commonly made of nylon, plastic, or rubber. Some are simple cases that close with Velcro and can attach to the user's belt while others are more sophisticated and offer windows that can allow the user to see the viewscreen and operate the unit without removing the holder. Other wholesale phone accessories in this category include hard plastic holders that keep the cell in position while it's being used in the car.

While some phone accessories are valued because they are useful or convenient, others are simply deemed cool or are used to personalize a phone. A plain black-and-silver model can be instantly transformed by a faceplate in a vivid color or eye-catching pattern. Other accessories, like decorative key pads or holograms, can add color or pictures to the phone and can be changed on a whim.

Thousands of stores rely on suppliers like Dollar Store Merchandise to provide them with unique and useful wholesale products. This company is an experienced veteran in this market and can offer comprehensive advice in addition to discount merchandise. Interested parties can contact a representative at or 1-877-549-5210.