Given the explosive growth in the electronics market, dollar-store owners can cash in by stocking a wide range of wholesale electrical supplies as part of a comprehensive product inventory. Wholesale suppliers sell popular products at incredible bulk discounts when specified minimum quantities are ordered, allowing retailers to realize healthy revenues while still maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace. The markups that can be added to the retail price of bulk merchandise allow store owners to turn a strong profit while still selling goods to end consumers at bargain prices.

Stock Wholesale Electrical Supplies as Part of a Complete Inventory

The wholesale-electrical-supplies category encompasses a wide range of everyday products that are in demand among dollar-store customers. Popular items include power bars, surge protectors, extension cords, specialty-lighting arrays, adapters and much more. Retailers can offer a wide selection of these products, without dedicating a great deal of floor space to displays, allowing for increased exposure to other merchandise that might attract the shopper's attention and generate more sales.

Bulk distributors make the task of keeping a varied inventory of top-selling products in stock a simple and easy one. Carrying everything from wholesale electrical supplies to children's toys and snack foods, these companies help dollar stores meet shoppers' needs while sustaining a high degree of profitability.

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