Fixtures available to dollar stores can help them create dramatic displays and make shopping easier for customers. Most smaller dollar stores average out at just 3,500 square feet, which means they have to plan carefully if they want to maximize their profits by stocking as many products as possible.

Adjustable Shelving Units and Other Retail Fixtures

So-called international shelving units can offer multiple configurations and options to dollar stores. These larger fixtures are usually made from pegboard or perforated aluminum. These holes aren't just to make the unit lighter--multiple types of shelves, baskets, and racks can attach to it virtually anywhere. That means a shelving fixture like this can often hold merchandise on all four sides, making it extremely efficient. Since the shelves and baskets are adjustable, the unit can constantly evolve to suit products of different heights.

Other common retail fixtures that might be overlooked include complementary accessories that can display merchandise. These include pegboard hooks, which attach quickly and securely to pegboard or perforated aluminum panels. Packages of makeup or school supplies with the appropriate holes then slide onto these hooks to maximize space. These hooks can be either all metal or include plastic backs.

The basket tag is another essential fixture accessory. These plastic tags hold important details, such as price and sale information, which are usually printed on stickers and permanently affixed to the appropriate baskets.

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