Gift Bags

Gift bags are high-turnover items commonly available for sale through discount and wholesale retailers. Customers looking for a colorful way to give birthday, graduation and Christmas presents make heavy use of gift bags and accessories, and stores can also boost sales by offering a wide selection of general greeting cards to go along with them. Creating a dedicated aisle for gift bags and related items is an excellent way to entice customers to make multiple purchases.

Common Variants of Gift Bags

Discount retailers typically offer gift bags in a range of designs and styles, which commonly include:

  • Metallic tissue
  • Iridescent tissue
  • Solid-color tissue
  • Die cut
  • Pastel-color tissue
  • Feather deco
  • Matte (with cuffs, ribbon handles or hot stamping)
  • Print decorated
  • Hologram

Packaging accessories are usually available in matching materials and color schemes, which are also specifically suited to occasions like birthdays, weddings and other important events. Wholesale retailers often choose to stock ribbon, thread, bows, swirls and boxes to allow customers to add decorative touches and personalized flairs.

New retailers looking to learn more about the best-selling items and the products with the highest turnover rates can turn to veteran suppliers of these products for information, support and advice. They form an important part of a dollar store's business and should be kept in ready supply throughout the year.

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