Wholesale gift items form an important part of every dollar store's business. Since dollar stores thrive on attracting a wide variety of consumers from a broad range of demographics, carrying varied giftware, in varying price ranges, is an essential strategy that boosts sales and draws repeat customers.

Stock Wholesale Gift Items to Boost Sales Volume

The range of merchandise encompassed by the term wholesale gift items includes a broad array of everyday and specialty products for households. A dollar store's inventory typically includes common quotidian items like picture frames, candles, food-storage products, coffee mugs and body-care products. However, a complete stock of dollar-store gift merchandise should also include items that are less commonly used but equally appealing to shoppers, such as porcelain figurines, scented soaps and oils, incense and giftware for babies. These products are available at low prices from retail wholesalers.

In addition to gift products and accessories, suppliers carry everything dollar-store owners need to get up and running and stay competitive and efficient. Complete suppliers also offer shelving units, floor-space organizers, display cases and point-of-sale units. Some wholesalers even offer support to new business owners, helping them establish and maintain an inventory by pointing out top-selling products and supplying them at bulk discounts. Dollar Store Merchandise is an online retail-supply company that also helps new businesses get started at cost. The company supplies a comprehensive selection of dollar-store products, including both generic and popular brand-name items, and can be reached toll free at 1-877-549-5210 or via email at