Bulk dollar-store-inventory suppliers can help purchasers and account holders realize excellent discounts on wholesale glassware. There's an old axiom that governs many successful proprietors' dollar-store operations: the more you have, the more you sell. Keeping a varied and comprehensive selection of wholesale glassware on hand encourages shoppers to make multiple purchases and buy items on impulse.

The Popularity of Wholesale Glassware Products

Many dollar-store operators report that glassware consistently ranks among the most popular items in their inventories. Wholesalers stock a wide range of products that retailers can sell at attractively low prices while still realizing a healthy profit. Popular options include both glass and ceramic vases as well as bowls, decorative items and mirror figurines. Ceramic fruit, decorative rocks, gems, stones and marble also fall under the glassware umbrella heading. They make attractive, inexpensive home decorations that are often used to accessorize living rooms, bathrooms and outdoor gardens.

Reputable wholesalers help retailers meet customer demands with an expansive range of available merchandise and varying pricing levels. New retail-outlet owners can also find help getting on their feet through business-support services. Some suppliers also offer a variety of shop fixtures to help proprietors make the most of available floor space, display cases and point-of-sale units in addition to products and merchandise.

Dollar Store Merchandise offers new retail-outlet owners at-cost setup assistance and support. The company also offers thousands of products at excellent bulk prices. Further information is available by calling 1-877-549-5210 or by sending an email to