Jewelry And Hair

Bulk jewelry and hair accessories are popular items among female shoppers of all ages, and dollar stores can cash in on consumer desire for these products by stocking a wide and varied selection. In fact, studies show that the majority of dollar-store shoppers are females, and girls, teenagers, young women and adult women alike have a strong need for these accessories. Carrying a large inventory of these products helps attract a larger volume of shoppers to the store, which in turn boosts overall sales totals and profitability.

Help Customers Save on Bulk Jewelry and Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are usually on the expensive side in department stores and from standard retailers, which creates nothing but opportunity for discount retailers who can offer comparable or identical products for a small fraction of the cost. Bulk jewelry includes products like bracelets, necklaces, rings and belts that are particularly popular with younger shoppers and teenage girls. However, a comprehensive selection of bulk jewelry accessories should also include items like hairbrushes, glasses cases, handbags, bobby pins, hair clips, ponytail holders and sunglasses.

Available in designs and styles that suit both conservative and progressive tastes, bulk jewelry helps generate profits. Also, retailers can benefit by winning the confidence and loyalty of consumers, who will return to the store in the future to make additional purchases.

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