Wholesale novelty products make a smart addition to any dollar store's merchandise inventory. While most shoppers come into dollar stores looking for items in popular categories like consumables and grooming goods, wholesale novelty products represent a significant percentage of impulse-buy items. Customers often stumble across thoughtful little gifts for friends and family as well as fun trinkets to add a touch of playfulness and humor to the home while shopping for everyday needs. Thus, keeping novelty products on display at strategic points throughout the dollar store's floor space is an excellent way to coax customers into spending a little extra money.

Stock a Selection of Wholesale Novelty Products

A wide range of these fun items is available from wholesalers. Popular novelty products include fashion accessories like sunglasses, household goods like fridge magnets and practical everyday items like key chains. Essentially, this merchandise category is comprised of things customers rarely go shopping specifically to look for but often need nonetheless. Other examples include hair accessories, humorous coffee mugs, scented candles and even silk flowers.

A good merchandise wholesaler can offer retailers valuable advice on the items that tend to generate the highest sales volumes and can also provide store managers and owners with a wide range of fixtures to help make the most of available floor space and plan a layout that makes strategic use of display sites.

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