Personalized Items

Personalized key chains and other novelties are important inclusions in any dollar store's well-rounded selection of inventory. Pens and other novelty items can be displayed on relatively small vertical racks and carousels, taking up little floor space but efficiently adding to the store's sales figures through impulse purchases. Often, customers come into a dollar store looking to buy household cleansers or party supplies and wind up finding the perfect personalized key chain, novelty pen or gift bag for a friend or family member. Since the retail prices of items in dollar stores are significantly lower than those at regular retailers, the end result is that these non-essential purchases wind up going in the shopping carts.

How Personalized Key Chains Generate a Larger Sales Volume

One way to increase sales of items like personalized key chains is to offer a broad selection of the products most dollar-store customers look for, like consumables, household items, confectionery goods and cleaning products. The longer a customer spends in the store browsing the various products available for sale, the greater the likelihood that the customer's attention will fix upon impulse goods and gift merchandise. A tried-and-true principle of operating a successful dollar store is to keep as many different items on the shelf as possible.

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