Photo Frames

Discount photo frames help consumers meet home-decorating needs without fuss or unnecessary expense. Profitable dollar stores stock comprehensive selections of these popular items, in a range of sizes and styles that address the varying needs of customers. Since these retailers have exclusive access to bulk prices from wholesale distributors, they're able to offer photo frames and merchandise in over 50 different categories at discount prices that can't be beat by competitors.

Discount Photo Frames for Less

In addition to discount photo frames, dollar stores can also sell large quantities of framed-art products. Since many people, from college students to single adults, turn to dollar stores for one-stop convenience, people who are redecorating, moving or simply in need of a little splash of color often buy art for their homes on the spur of the moment. Keeping a wide selection in stock attracts more attention from shoppers but also keeps them in the store longer, browsing a wider range of items and increasing the likelihood that they will purchase more than they originally planned.

A reliable wholesaler can take care of all of a dollar store's inventory needs, saving human resources and money that would otherwise be spent dealing with multiple distributors. Top wholesalers carry tens of thousands of products, including everything under the sun, from discount photo accessories to baby food. Dollar Store Merchandise has over 70,000 different items in its indexed catalog of products, in over 50 separate categories. The company also offers new business owners assistance getting stocked and open for business. Learn more about the range of products and services offered by calling 1-877-549-5210 toll free or by writing to