Wholesale stationery is a top seller in dollar stores. Students are always looking to save money on essentials, and parents of school-aged children on a budget turn to discount retailers to cut costs on school supplies and home needs. Stocking a complete selection of wholesale stationery works to generate increased overall sales in a number of important ways.

Include Wholesale Stationery As Part of a Well-Rounded Inventory

First, the more items that are offered for sale, the more items that sell. It's a well-established principle of retail. Even if customers don't have a current need for a particular wholesale stationery item, they'll note that it's in stock and thus become more likely to choose the same store in the future for that particular product, particularly if they enjoyed noticeable savings on other purchases. Finally, large selections entice customers to stay in the store to browse. The longer a customer stays in the store, the more products he is exposed to and the more likely he is to make unplanned purchases.

The range of wholesale-stationery products available through bulk distributors is wide. It includes common products like refill notepaper, writing instruments, binders and notebooks, scissors, glue, fasteners, blank workbooks and journals. Specialty office supplies like labels, ink cartridges for printers and bulk paper are also a cost-slashing boon to small-business owners.

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